About LRS

Lumber Resource Solutions is a family owned/operated lumber company that has grown from the relationships of our customers. Our goal is customer satisfaction through fair pricing, high standard of quality and delivery within the required time-frame.

From our experiences, we have found that personable and reliable service works best in strengthening customer relationships. We want to hear from our customers. This is why every call will reach a friendly voice who can address your needs.

Company Belief

Our experience has taught us that most buyers are looking for:

  1. The LOWEST price
  2. The BEST quality
  3. The FASTEST service

Lumber Resource Solutions has found it difficult to grant all three wishes. Instead, our focus is to meet two out of three, while continuously working hard every day to meet your third wish.

Products & Services

  • Cut-to-size Lumber/Pre-Cut Pallet Stock
  • Lumber with Banding Grooves
  • Dunnage/Blocking Lumber
  • Wedges, Blocks
  • Hardwood/Softwood Pallets
  • Hardwood Coil Skids
  • SPF/SYP Dimension Lumber (2x4 - 2x12)
  • SPF/SYP Timbers (4x4 - 12x12)
  • Hardwood Timbers
  • Dragline mats/Rig Mats
  • Pipeline Skidding/Lagging/Shoring
  • Custom Wood Crating
  • Hardwood Coil Saddle
  • Plywood, PlyForm and OSB